Aspire Halo Gusto Mini Kit

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Gusto Mini Starter Kit: Performance

This device is a mini pod mod from two top leading manufacturers in the vaping industry – Aspire and Halo. They collaborated in producing this mini-mod to be as simple, straightforward and still offers outstanding performance. So far, no reports on users experiencing dry hits, gurgling or leaking whatsoever.

The vapor production is not only good, but it also gives awesome flavor, which is on par with most top vape devices. It also has a battery indicator, so users don’t suddenly run out of power. The pod mod battery indicator features three minutes LED lights to show the battery’s strength – green and red. The mod gives great airy draw, making it more preferred for a restrictive lung hit to mouth to lungs.


Gusto Mini Starter Kit: Easy to Use

The device only weighs 78g making it barely noticeable when it is in your pocket. The pod mod body has a window for users to monitor the level of e-liquid without having to remove the door. It is effortless to get started, all you have to do is place the pre-filled cartridge, which is as easy and straightforward as placing a positive of AA battery to the negative of a lamp. Click the fire rubberized button five times to turn the device on and press the trigger to commence your vaping session. The device also comes with safety feature, ten-seconds automatic shut-off, to prevent the coil or your pocket from burning up.

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