Bazooka Pineapple Peach 3MG 100ml - E-Liquids

Bazooka Pineapple Peach 3MG 100ml

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Bazooka sour straws e-liquid has been around for a good minute. However, they've recently released some new e-liquids that'll blow your mind. These juices smell so good you'll wish you could drink the bottle. 

A sweet juicy peach blended with a ripe pineapple. This juice combination is to die for. We've never experienced such a unique, fruity, and tasty juice. And we've certainly never come across a peach and pineapple duo. Hit after hit, you'll constantly crave this flavor. 

Bazooka comes to you in a 100ml unicorn bottle. You can also select your choice of nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg.

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