Coil Master Mix Twisted Coil 10pcs

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The new line of Premium pre-built coil provides a variety combinations of premium Kanthal A1 wire.

A much more tasty flavor and warmer vapor production are outstanding comparing to any regular coil.

Species Material Winding Wire specific Resistance Inner diameter Wire size Packing
Hive Kanthal A1 5 (30ga+30ga) x 2 0.5±0.05Ω 3mm Ø1mm 10PCS
Flat Twisted Kanthal A1 6 0.2mm x 0.8mm x 2 0.36±0.05Ω 3mm Ø0.8mm 10PCS
Fused Clapton (twisted) Kanthal A1 6 28ga x 2 + 32ga 0.45±0.05Ω 3mm Ø1.2mm 10PCS
Mix Twisted Kanthal A1 7 0.2mm x 0.8mm + 26ga 0.45±0.05Ω 3mm Ø0.9mm 10PCS

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