Efest Lush Box Charger 2 in 1

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Efest LUSH BOX Charger & Power Bank

Charge up and power on with the 2019 Efest LUSH BOX, a two-in-one charger and power bank for all your mobile power needs. Featuring a sleek and functional design, this charger slots 2 x 18650 batteries and utilizes an on-screen LED indicator that constantly displays data about how much battery life is left in both cells. The advanced charging system aims to charge and discharge both batteries at the same rate, and will focus on one or the other until they're at the same capacity. Safety features like over/discharge protection, fire-retardant construction, and short-circuit protection ensures that the you, your devices, and the LUSH BOX are safe from any battery-related accidents.

One Power Bank is All You Need

Normal power banks become dead weight in your bag once depleted, and take all day and night to charge at home. The LUSH BOX uses commonly-available flat-top 18650 batteries to hold its energy, so you can swap out for fresh cells if you're not near a wall outlet. Whether you're streaming TV in the airport lobby, powering flashlights in a power-outage, or browsing the internet in the coffee shop, the LUSH BOX Charger is the best power bank to keep your on-the-go devices on for the long-haul.


  • Dual charger and power bank capabilities; all-in-one device
  • Can charge up attached devices and its own internal battery storage simultaneously
  • Balanced dual-battery charging protects batteries' life cycle
  • Sleek, lightweight curved design feels great in your hand
  • On-screen LED indicator for both battery capacities
  • Magnetic cover for easy battery replacement

Protection Features

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overcharge and over-discharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage recovery function
  • Constructed from fire-retardant material
  • CE, FCC, & RoHS certifications


  • Micro USB: DC 5V 2.1A
  • Output Floating Voltage: 5.0 - 5.5V
  • Output Load Voltage Ripple: <200mV
  • Output Floating Current: <10mA
  • Max Output Current: 2.1A
  • Output Cut-Off Voltage: 3.0 ± 0.2V
  • Auto Recharge Voltage: 4.10 ± 0.05V
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
  • Operation Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C

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